The safe, instant, go-anywhere
cryptocurrency updater

The sleek, new BUTLER card

gives you a real-time visual display of your cryptocurrency values against major real-world currencies. No bigger than an ID card and just as slim, the BUTLER card’s two embedded, super sharp, easy-to-read screens are linked to the BUTLER app, which constantly updates and averages cryptocurrency relative values. One BUTLER screen shows your holdings, the other displays their value against the USD, Euro or major currencies you choose, even gold.

Download the BUTLER app to your mobile device

The app makes it easy for you to enter or update your holdings. BUTLER takes it from there, sending constant, live relative-value updates to the your BUTLER card for instant display on sharp, rugged, easy-to-read screens

For a limited time,

*very special and exclusive for a few selected / early access / first card owners: Founder Edition (available only for preordering stage`s first days)

** With Wireless Charger and Special Present Options are availabe for a limited time.